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Generic Cialis is not prescribed without a prescription, despite the safety of the drug. The reason is the interaction tadalafil 20mg with some other drugs, as a result of which Cialis can have a negative effect on the male body. First of all, it concerns heart diseases. Therefore, the drug should be prescribed by the attending physician who is well acquainted with the patient's condition and is aware of the list of medications taken by him.

Generic Cialis Manufacturers

Cialis is a patented medicinal product of Eli Lilly and Company (Eli Lilly and Company). But after the expiration of the validity of the patent, Generics began to be produced in several countries – drugs with a similar effect and composition that contain Tadalafil (Tadalafil).
Today, manufacturers of Generic Cialis work in a number of countries, among which India stands out. The most famous Indian companies producing the medicine include Centurion, India Export, Emkay, Cipla. They offer high-quality medicines at the lowest prices, which are not inferior to competitors. It is noteworthy that they are produced in different dosages.
Today there is no single registry of all companies that produce the drug. Therefore, it is very difficult to make a rating of manufacturers.

Guarantees and conditions of return

Generics of Cialis are highly effective medications that help men with the restoration of erectile dysfunction. Our store presents only products of certified manufacturers with a quality guarantee.
But if the drug did not suit you for some reason, we have an exchange and refund available. We will refund the funds or offer a suitable alternative to the client.

If Cialis does not help to restore a normal sex life, then you should consult a doctor and analyze the accompanying factors that may affect its effect. To find out what is the reason for the lack of effect – carefully read the contraindications and instructions for use of the product.

Discounts and promotions

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Analogues of Cialis

Generics of Cialis are drugs with similar active substances and effects that are produced on the basis of an outdated patent. They are produced by domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. India is the leader in the production of Generics. The disadvantage of some drugs is that they do not pass clinical trials, and therefore may have an unpredictable effect.
Tadalafil also has Russian analogues, which are produced by domestic manufacturers.